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Kevin Paniagua

Kevin Paniagua


Kevin Paniagua Romero, a Spanish-Bolivian tech enthusiast, is currently pursuing a Degree in Computer Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). His academic journey has been marked by rigorous studies and practical experiences, shaping him into a proficient professional in the field of IT.

Kevin's educational background includes a Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications from IES Pío Baroja and a Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks from IES Pradolongo.

With various roles in the industry. As a Technician doing multiple works of SysAdmin and Full Stack Developer for the Computational Intelligence Group (CIG) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, he leverages technologies to drive innovative projects forward. Prior to this, he served as a Systems Administrator for the Department of Artificial Intelligence.

Kevin's professional journey also includes experiences as a Web Developer at Mixin Solutions SL and as a Systems Administrator at QUADRAX Consulting, where he gained hands-on experience in web development and network administration.

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn to explore his academic achievements and diverse work experiences, and to discover how he can contribute to projects in the realm of technology and software development with his formal education and practical expertise.