Our Community

Past members

Guillermo de Lima Rodriguez.

Fernando Rodríguez Sánchez.

David Atienza.

Francisco Javier Mesonero Pérez.

Ander Alcón. Currently at Olocip.

Laura Anton-Sanchez. Currently at Miguel Hernández University.

Rubén Armañanzas. Currently at BrainScope Company, Inc.

Marco Benjumeda. Currently at Olocip.

Hanen Borchani. Currently at SimCorp technology labs.

Pablo Fernández.

Irene Córdoba-Sánchez.

Santiago Gil Currently at ING Direct.

Luis Guerra Currently at ING Direct.

Alfonso Ibañez. Currently at Synergic Partners.

Mario Juez. Computer Software Engineer.

Hossein Karshenas. Currently at University of Isfahan.

Iñaki Leguey. Currently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Florian Leitner. Currently at Leitner Catalytics, S.L.

Pedro L. López-Cruz. Currently at Ebay.

Milton Llera. Currently at Bristol University.

Sergio Luengo. Currently at Olocip.

Mario Michiels. Currently at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Alberto Ogbechie. Currently at Synergic Partners.

Jesús Pérez. Currently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Luis Rodriguez Lujan. Currently at Piperlab

Asier Rodríguez. Currently at Olocip.

Roberto Santana. Currently at University of The Basque Country.

Diego Valero. Currently at CRIDA A.I.E.

Gherardo Varando. Currently at University of Copenhagen.

Diego Vidaurre. Currently at Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity.