You have several ways of getting to the Facultad de Informática by both public transport and private car.

By public transport

Public transport users can take any of the following bus routes to the Facultad de Informática:

  • Route 591: Madrid (Aluche)-Boadilla (F.Informática) and Route 865: Madrid (Ciudad Universitaria)-Campus de Montegancedo
  • Route 571: Madrid(Campamento)-Boadilla(Lomas – Bonanza)
  • Route 573: Madrid(Moncloa)-Boadilla(Urbanizaciones)
  • Route 566: Boadilla(Ronda)-Pozuelo(C. France)
  • Public transport map showing access to the Facultad de Informática
  • 2011 public transport fares

By tram: Route 3 (Colonia Jardín – Puerta de Boadilla) to Montepríncipe station. As you leave the station, turn right and make your way to the Facultad de Informática along Avda. Montepríncipe.

By car

Access by car: Exit the M-40 at junctions 36 (northbound) or 38 (southbound).

Directions: 40°24’22.82″N, 03°50’19.86″W