Bojan Mihaljevic



Phone: +34 91 067 3093

E-mail: bmihaljevic at fi dot upm dot es

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Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos

Campus de Montegancedo

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, España


Ph.D. student with a scholarship from the Cajal Blue Brain project. Also participating in the Human Brain Project.

Short Bio

Bojan Mihaljević recieved his B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Management from the Diego Portales University in 2010. He obtained a M.Sc. degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in 2013 and is currently a Ph.D. student at UPM's Artificial Intelligence Department.

Research interests

Supervised and partially supervised classification based on probabilistic graphical models. In particular, Bayesian network classifiers and model-based classification and clustering. Supervised classification with multiple annotators. Applications of machine learning to interneuron classification.

Journal papers

  • Mihaljević, B., Benavides-Piccione, R., Guerra, L., DeFelipe, J., Larrañaga, P., Bielza, C. Classifying GABAergic interneurons with semi-supervised projected model-based clustering. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol. 65, pp. 49-59, 2015,
  • Mihaljević, B., Benavides-Piccione, R., Bielza, C., DeFelipe, J., Larrañaga, P. Bayesian network classifiers for categorizing cortical GABAergic interneurons. Neuroinformatics, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 192–208, April, 2015.
  • Mihaljević, B., Bielza, C., Benavides-Piccione, R., DeFelipe, J., Larrañaga, P. Multi-expert multi-dimensional classification of GABAergic interneurons with label Bayesian networks. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, vol. 8, pp. Article 150, 2014.


    • Mihaljević, B., Larrañaga, P., Benavides-Piccione, R., Hill, S., DeFelipe, J., and Bielza, C. “Towards a supervised classification of neocortical interneuron morphologies“, BMC Bioinformatics.
    • Mihaljević, B., Bielza, C., and Larrañaga, P."bnclassify: Learning Bayesian Network Classifiers." The R Journal

    Conference papers

    • Mihaljević, B., Bielza, C., and Larrañaga, P. (2018). Learning Bayesian network classifiers with completed partially directed acyclic graphs. In Kratochvíl, V. and Studený, M., editors, Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models , volume 72 of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, pages 272–283, Prague, Czech Republic
    • Mihaljevic, B., Larrañaga, P. & Bielza, C (2013). Augmented Semi-naive Bayes Classifier. In C. Bielza et al. (editor), Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Proceedings of the 15th MultiConference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, LNAI 8109, pages 159-167. Springer.
    • Mihaljevic, B., Bielza, C. & Larrañaga, P. (2013). BayesClass: An R package for learning Bayesian network classifiers. Proceedings of UseR! –The R User Conference 2013, 53

    Workshop papers

    • Mihaljevic, B., Larrañaga, P. & Bielza, C (2016). Automatic classification of cortical interneuron morphologies. Proceedings of the Workshop on Advances and Applications of Data Science & Engineering, Real Academia de Ingenieria, 2016, Madrid


    Journal referee

    • Machine learning, Neuroinformatics


    Research stays

    • A three-month stay at Sean Hill's lab at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne