Full professors


Concha Bielza

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Research interests: probabilistic graphical models (Bayesian networks and influence diagrams), decision analysis, data mining, classification models, regression via regularization, metaheuristics for optimization, and real applications, like biomedicine, bioinformatics and neuroscience.

Pedro Larrañaga

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Research interests: Bayesian networks, estimation of distribution algorithms, multi-label classification, regularization, data streams, bioinformatics, biomedicine, neuroscience, bibliometry.

Associate professors

Juan A. Fernández del Pozo

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Research interests: Decision analysis and intelligent decision support systems based on influence diagrams and bayesian networks that perform knowledge acquisition in huge decision tables, knowledge discovery and data mining on models output for explanation synthesis and sensitivity analysis.

PhD students


Laura Antón-Sánchez

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Research interests: spatial statistics, probabilistic graphical models and evolutionary computation, and their applications to neuroscience.



David Atienza

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Research interests: Machine learning, Anomaly Detection, Probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian networks and its applications to Industrie4.0.


Marco Benjumeda

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Research interests: Probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian networks, thin models, multidimensional Bayesian classifiers, deep models.

Irene Córdoba-Sánchez

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Research interests: Probabilistic graphical models learning, Gaussian Bayesian networks, concentration and covariance graphs, with applications to Big Data.


Javier Díaz

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Research interests: Machine learning algorithms related with novelty detection and spatio-temporal feature subset selection, with application to machine tool industry within the Industrie 4.0 paradigm.

Pablo Fernandez

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Research interests: Mathematics, neuroscience, data mining, probabilistic graphical models, machine learning, supervised learning.

Iñaki Leguey

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Research interests: directional statistics,supervised classification, particulary Bayesian network classifiers, probabilistic graphical models and their applications, particularly in neuroscience.

Milton Llera

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Research interests: Machine Learning, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Bayesian Statistics, Neuroscience.

Sergio Luengo-Sanchez

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Research interests: Unsupervised learning, probabilistic graphical models, simulation, mesh processing and their application to neuroscience.

Francisco Javier Mesonero Pérez

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Research interests: Machine learning, Anomaly Detection, and its applications to Industry.

Bojan Mihaljevic

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Research interests: Supervised learning, particularly Bayesian network classifiers, and applications of machine learning to neuroscience.

Alberto Ogbechie

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Research interests: machine learning algorithms and probabilistic graphical models, namely dynamic Bayesian networks, with application to cyber-physical systems and Big Data under the Industrie 4.0 paradigm.


Fernando Rodríguez Sánchez

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Research interests: multi-view clustering, data streams and probabilistic graphical models, with application to sensor networks and medicine..



Gherardo Varando

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Research interests: probabilistic graphical model and their application, Bayesian network classifier, expressive power of BN classifier, density and conditional density approximation, image segmentation.

Past members

Rubén Armañanzas. Currently at Krasnow Institute at George Mason University.

Hanen Borchani. Currently at Aalborg University.

Luis Guerra Currently at Línea Directa.

Alfonso Ibañez. Currently at the Synergic Partners.

Hossein Karshenas. Currently at University of Isfahan.

Florian Leitner. Currently at Leitner Catalytics, S.L.

Pedro L. López-Cruz. Currently at Affecto.

Jesús Pérez. Currently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Luis Rodriguez Lujan. Currently at Piperlab

Roberto Santana. Currently at University of The Basque Country.

Diego Vidaurre. Currently at Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity.